How Much Protein Should I Eat In One Sitting?

Gaining muscle mass and using supplements like Whey Protein effectively means understanding how your body absorbs and uses protein throughout the day. A common question that people ask is how much protein can be consumed in one sitting? The truth is, there is no single number. Let’s start out with a basic number and then explain why and why not it is a good indicator. That way, you are left with the information you need to figure out how much protein is good for you.


The 30-Gram Rule

A number that is frequently tossed around is 30-grams of protein per meal. For anyone not too serious about building muscle, the 30-gram rule is fine. However, it is far from being anything more than an educated guess. The actual amount of protein you can consume will depend on your unique physiology, age, level of health, effectiveness of your small intestines, and more.

The reason why the 30-gram rule works out is because consuming too much protein isn’t that bad for you. When you exceed the body’s natural ability to process the protein, it either converts into other things or is flushed from the body. So, even if your body requires less than 30-grams per meal, you will still be perfectly ok eating to that amount.

Expanding beyond the 30-gram rule is ideal if you are trying to maximize your muscle growth and you think you may require more than what the rule implies. This is where protein powder supplements can help boost your intake. In addition, finding a precise number may be a good idea if you are bodybuilding on a budget and want to save as much as possible.

Going Beyond The 30-Gram Rule

The 30-gram rule is based off of a ‘standard’ amino acid transport rate of 10 grams per hour. Simply put, there are not enough transporters in your body to bring protein to where it needs to go and as a result every person has their own unique hard limit. The alternative to trying to eat more than 30 grams per meal is to eat multiple smaller meals over the course of a day. What this does is provide your body with a steady stream of protein at a rate that it can handle. However, the final impact as to how much lean muscle mass is created through this process is still yet to be seen. What is required is more research on how our bodies process incoming protein and ways to improve that process.

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