Electric Shock Getting First Aid, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Electric shock occurs when a person comes in contact with an electrical power source. Due to the electrical power flow, there is a sharp electric shock in one part of the body. If the risk of electrical energy is not in any injury, it can also cause damage and death. Many people may also get electric shocks from human-made objects like electrical appliances, electric wires, and electrical circuits. Apart from this, lightning strikes are a natural form of electric shock. The general injury of electric shock is to burn.

Causes of Electric Shock

  • Adolescence and Adults are likely to have high voltage shock due to frustrating exploration and risk at work, because most deaths are associated with working cases every year.
  • Many variables determine, if any, can hurt. These variables include the current type of AC and DC. At present, less than 500 volts, such as low-voltage electricity, are generally less likely to cause injury to humans but more damage due to a higher voltage such as over 500 voltage exposure.
  • If you are going to help someone who is in shock due to electric shock, then you need to be very careful, you also do not suffer from similar electric shock. If the power cable is down, then immediately press the power support service and press the power. After that, immediately handled the person.

Symptoms of Electric Shock

The person who has suffered from electric shock can get a minimal external injury. The most significant injury in electricity is found in the heart.

Burning is usually the most serious when coming in contact with the electric source and the ground, the hand is the common point of hand and high adi and head contact.

Other injuries are possible except burn, if the person has been forced to be forced to connect with the source of electricity from compulsive muscle contraction, the possibility of injury of spine should also be considered, the person may suffer internal injuries, especially if he is Breathing, pain in cinemas, is experiencing pain in the stomach.

Pain in the hands or feet or a distortion of any part of the body can be an indication of potential bone due to electric shock.

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In children, cutting the electric wire can burn the typical mouth and lips. Which you can see in the area as red and dark.

Test (Tests)
The doctor’s initial concern in the emergency department is to determine whether invisible injury exists. The injury is caused by injury to muscles, heart or electricity, brain power, or any bone or other organs of electricity.

The doctor can order different tests on the basis of history and physical examination, tests can include any of the following, such as:

  1. ECG to check the heart.
  2. Complete Blood Testing.
  3. Examination to know the significant muscular injury.
  4. X-ray in search of fact or dish location.
  5. CT scan |

Self care of Electric Shock
A short short-voltage shock that does not cause any irritation, does not require much care. For any high voltage shock, which results in burns and shocks, immediately resort to emergency service.

Medical Treatment

  • The treatment depends on the severity of irritation or the nature of other injuries.
  • Treatment is done according to the severity of irritation.
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  • Minor irritation is treated with topical antibiotic ointment and dressing.
  • For severe irritation, surgery may be required to clean the wounds, even skin pen may need to be done.
  • Surgery may be required for removal of damaged muscles or removal of opacity by heavy irritation on arms, legs or hands.
  • Other injuries may require treatment, eye ophthalmology may require an eye specialist to investigate and treat,
  • Stabilizing the broken bone may require cavity casting or surgery, internal injury may require observation or surgery.

This step depends mainly on the age of the people involved in preventing electrification.

Most electric injuries occur due to electric wires for children below 12 years of age, inspect their electricity card and extension card. Replacing any power wire whose outer shell is broken, whose wire is visible.

Do not let children play with any power card or wire.

Use the range of expansion wire, and make sure the card is rated for the current, so the device is being operated.

Use the cover to protect children from the discovery of electrical outlets.

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Electrical chunks from around the age of 12 years of discoveries and activities surrounding high electrical systems. Tell the teenage kids that they did not go to the electricity or other electric towers, played away from the transformer and stay away from the electricity running rail system.

Use of common knowledge among adults can help in reducing electrical injury. People working with electric power should ensure that the power is not stopped from behind or behind, do not touch any electrical equipment left by using any electricity near the water and standing in water.

Outlook (Outlook)
Recovery by electric shock depends on the nature and severity of injuries. The percentage of the surface area of ​​the burned body is the most important factor of forecast.

If a person is shocked by lightning, then his heart does not stop immediately, if he is taken to the doctor immediately, then he can be saved.

Most people die in the hospital due to electric shock due to infection.

Due to electrical damage to the brain, permanent seizure disorder, depression anxiety or other personality changes can occur.

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